Summer Shenanigans

It’s been a while since I’ve written down some gibberish and tried to work our whether people were being genuine or just nice when they said they enjoyed reading it. Either way you lean towards, if you are laughing at me or with me- welcome back. I’m not sure to what reason I owe this lack of my pearls of wisdom recently, but perhaps unconsciously I felt like over the last few months I had to really just think about each day and not much else. I’ve had a lot of ‘first time for this, that and the other’ moments. It seemed as though after climbing out of the deep end from one experience, I’d been thrown back in for the next one. Which is all fun and games, but is also an experience in itself. And for little old me, it took some time to comprehend it all and make sense of the ups and downs. 

First International 

I’m not the type to list off specifically where I came, exact times I did or who got beat by who. Because at the end of the day, no one wants to read that. And I’m really not the kind to remember all the details anyway. I can however assure you the weather was glorious on the second weekend and the scrambled egg at breakfast was exquisite. First impressions included believing I was going to fall every rev and that it was the bumpiest thing I’d ever riden. However, after embracing the feeling of slipping throughout every effort, things got better. 

To give a brief overview. First weekend the weather was pretty windy and being an outdoor track, you were pretty open to the elements. In the sprint I did my best but came out with a sub average time, gave the first round my best but I just wasn’t anywhere near quick enough to take it. Hey Ho, I feel like everyones been there… Next day I gave the 500m trial a bash, felt good and happy with the time. Even though being on a 330m track I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Then had a week of enjoying the sunshine or trying to find enough wifi connection to watch Love Island, whilst it poured down with rain. There may have also been a few training sessions here and there trying to understand the ever changing perfect line for the Cottbus track. I also discovered the best caramel latte ever, in the local town square. The next weekend was overall the better of the two weekends. Everyone in the squad got a flying 200 PB , which definielty got the ball rolling for a decent weekend. I was out in the first round again, but I was actually happy with how I raced it, and it gave me confidence for a future ride against someone at a more similar speed. Then me and Georgia gave the team sprint our best effort, ending with a decent time but more importantly a good idea what we needed to work on for the summer! For me, getting out the gate. A twister on the ride back to the hotel, and Cottbus 2018 was done! To quote Love Island ‘on paper’ this may not have seemed like necessarily enjoyable and successful time- not having much success and rain. But actually the team really came together- always having a good laugh, and so much was brought away from the experience. 

Other shenanigans I’ve been up to…

I went to the Black Line Open competition, which was especially unique because Pete Mitchell who ran the day, was my first cycling coach. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d place third representing his team, a year before. Collecting my champagne and teddy bear from him was pretty special! And to podium with my team mates was even better.


I went to a first symposium. About different transitions within sport for NGB coaches. I was asked to attend in order to shed some light on the what changing sports at 17 with DiscoverYourPower is like. It was a humbling experience and I really enjoyed the chance to be someone who actually had a bit knowledge on a situation, not someone always a little clueless and asking a thousand questions a day. It was a really eye opening opportunity, and I gained confidence from just listening to the three other athletes saying the similar things I’d been saying for the last year. It was nice to know that when other athletes had transferred they felt like they had to ask for sessions to literally be translated in to understandable terms too. I’m still not fluent in ‘cycling’ yet. And all our top tips for coaches looking to help transfer athletes included having strong communication channels and avenues at all times, so it was nice to know that others also regarded that highly in their lives, being much more experienced than me.

I attended the initial Stage 1 of Discover Your Power in Leeds, this really was deja vu all day, but it was nice to chat to some of the girls and help calm their nerves a little bit. I also helped with the stage 2 a few weeks later, again slightly surreal being the one on the other side of the day. I much preferred not being the one sweating profusely thanks to the nerves and having to ride the track for the first time, but just the Velodrome’s uncomfortable heat. It was odd, when I’d done the exact day just 2 years before, but being able to answer some of the girls questions first hand was really nice. And to be able to show that coming through programs like DiscoverYourPower is achievable and that you should never rule yourself out. Someones got to be the last one! I was amazed with the standard, and proud the girls didn’t hold anything back, just giving it everything they had. Excited to see who progresses through!

My main stress, if you can even call it that when I have so many people helping with it. Is both my knees suffering with tendinopathy. Probably due to an increased amount of gym work from such a non weight bearing sport previously. It’s taking a while to sort its self out and still causes a lot pain for simple exercises. Main thing is riding seems to be the only pain free exercise so other than living on the leg press not doing squats and lunges, training hasn’t been hindered too much.

Now I’m just learning how to taper in cycling, ready for the summer. At the start, I wasn’t really sure how I was feeling. The day off, day on routine was making my sleep pattern all over the place and after still not being able to drive, being in the house for the majority of the day wasn’t too fun. But after my body started to get use to it, it became more enjoyable and on the track things seemed to be going to plan.

Now off to race! Excited to show how hard I’ve worked this year, but also see what needs to be done for next year! 

3 thoughts on “Summer Shenanigans

  1. Keep it up Milly, training, cycling, blogging and not forgetting resting.


  2. A great read Milly, you certainly are working hard, well done and good luck for the future, Connie xx


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